Colin Dixon

Fine Art Photography

Subtitle for Recent Work

Recent work

Images made in the last few months (visit the gallery).

Form, texture and light in the natural world


Photographs of the landscapes of Britain and Europe (visit the gallery).

The built environment


Photographs of the architecture of the United Kingdom, Europe and America (visit the gallery).

Small scale stilled life meditations.

Still Life

Photographs of still life subjects (visit the gallery).

Print sales

To print sales, you can choose the pictures you want to print automatically from the Picture Gallery and pay by bank transfer and let us know by e-mail - or you can decide to pay online (by using Paypal) once we will activate such a solution.

The prints are archival inkjet on the finest matte art papers or baryta semi-gloss papers depending on subject matter. The prints are available in two sizes, MEDIUM AND LARGE. MEDIUM size prints are 23cms. X 28cms (9in. X 11in.) approx. This size of photograph is archivally mounted in a museum board window mount and backing sheet. The size of this mount is 39.5X43cms. (15.5in. X 17in.) approx. The LARGE print size available is 30.5cms X 40.6cms. (12in. X 16in.) approx. The archival window mount for this size is 47cms. X 56cms. (18.5in. X 22") approx.

The prices for prints are as follows

£85.00 including P&P in Europe for the small mounted print size;

£125.00 including P&P in Europe for the medium size.

If you prefer, you may contact Colin Dixon by e-mail using the contact form.